Tubs vs Bags: The Cattle Mineral Choice is Yours

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If you’ve been debating between using tubs or loose bag cattle mineral, let us help you settle the argument.
The decision to use tubs versus loose bag mineral is one you’ll face when picking a mineral supplementation strategy for your cattle. Both forms of cattle mineral have their benefits and drawbacks.

Which is easier to move physically?

Mineral Bags

Cattle mineral bags aren’t as big, weighing just 50 lbs., compared to 225 lbs. for the average Purina® Wind and Rain® mineral tub.

Which is better for seeing mineral levels from a distance?

Mineral Tubs

 The ClearView® tub packaging allows you to see how much cattle mineral is left from a distance, reducing the time to look directly into a feeder.

Which is better for small herds (50 head or less)?

Mineral Bags

Provides more flexibility and requires less labor to move mineral feeders around pastures.

Which is better for large herds (more than 50 head)?

Mineral Tubs

If you feed mineral to large groups of cattle (one tub per 25 cows), tubs can be less overall work if you can unload them safely.

Which is easier to have additives added to it?

Mineral Bags (slightly)

Some additives like chlortetracycline, which requires a Veterinary Feed Directive, can only be hand-fed daily, so a bagged mineral is the best option. But, you can still use products such as Avalia® 4 or Altosid® (Insect Growth Regulator) in either form.[1],[2],[3]
Which is better for weatherability?


Tubs and bagged mineral are both designed to stand up to the challenge of weather conditions.

Which is better for controlling intake?


Both have a similar intake consistency. Our most consistent intake product is the mineral tub.

Final verdict

While there are certain advantages and disadvantages to both mineral forms, the type of mineral you feed your herd ultimately comes down to personal preference. Because no matter which type of Purina® Wind and Rain® mineral you pick, you can be confident you’ll receive the same high-quality cattle nutrition every time.
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[1] A Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) is required to use chlortetracycline for the control of anaplasmosis in cow/calf herds.
[2] Availa® 4 is a registered trademark of Zinpro Performance Minerals.
[3] Altosid® is a registered trademark of Central Life Sciences.