The Greater the Chickens, the Greater the Eggs

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Did you know...?

Many factors can affect egg production in your flock, like:
• Day length – 16 hours of day length is ideal for egg production
• Breed – not all breeds are good egg layers!
• Age – egg production decreases each year
• Feed – chickens need proper nutrition to maintain year-round production
• Water – even a few hours without water can affect egg production
• Temperature – extreme weather will affect egg production, and certain breeds handle heat or cold better than others
• Molt – molt can happen any time of year
• Illness & Parasites
• Stress


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Baby chicks require unique nutrients to start strong and grow into happy, healthy hens.

Each of these nutrients plays a unique role in chick growth and development. Some nutrients directly impact bone, skeletal and chick growth while others work in tandem to support bird health and appearance.

Chicks grow quickly so a strong start is crucial. Early growth and health sets the stage for long-term health and happiness.

Purina® starter-grower feeds include the optimal combination of the required nutrients. This means all the nutrients baby chicks need are included in the bag, no need to supplement.

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