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Celebrating Backyard Flocks

Flock-tober® is here! During the month of October, make sure to stop into your local Purina retailer and pick up this year's coop signs to add some pizazz to your henhouse (free with purchase of any qualifying Purina layer feed).

You can also order your signs online with proof of layer feed purchase. Go to: Get them before they're gone!

Don't miss a chance to let your girls strut their stuff in the 5th annual Purina® Miss Flock-Tober® pageant. Head over to our Facebook page to enter your hens and view the weekly winners. This year's categories are:
- Miss Fancy Feathers
- Miss Congeniality
- Miss Future Layer
- Miss All-Around


We Nourish the Backyard Flock Movement Through Nutrition Education and High Quality Feed

Sharing Our Wisdom

If you’re into backyard flocks like we are, you love sharing know-how with others. Check out our advice on nutrition, coops, composting and more.

High-Quality Solutions

Our chicken feeds are formulated for healthy birds and nutritious eggs. Try us. You’ll see the difference for yourself.

We Champion the Flock Community

We’re behind the national movement to make backyard flocks part of family life everywhere. Our support, products and enthusiasm are with you all the way.

A Gift for You & Your Chickens

For a limited time, when you sign up for our feed trial, you'll receive a swag bag in addition to feed coupons! Give your hens the gift of greatness. Feed them a Purina® complete layer feed with our exclusive Oyster Strong® System.