Delivering more than animal nutrition.


More Than Feed

Purina delivers more expert dairy farm advisors, more research-driven insights and more customer-focused innovation. Because you should expect more from your dairy nutritionist.


Digging Deeper to Help You Solve Any Challenge

Customer-Focused Innovation

A balance of practical and academic understanding contributes to our proprietary advances that provide consistent, high-performing nutrition for your herd.

Expert Advisors

Our team listens to your dairy’s priorities first, in the barn and in the office. Our expansive team of dairy experts not only includes a local point of contact but a robust group of specialized consultants you can leverage at any time.

Research-Driven Insights

We combine insights from our best-in-class dairy research farm with data and learnings we gather on your dairy operation and translate them into practical recommendations that make a difference.

Unique Herds, Unique Solutions

What works for one herd might not work for the next. Hear how dairy farmers around the country overcame challenges and found solutions that worked for them with the help of their dairy nutritionist.