Uncovering Possibilities and Inspiring Change

Your profitability starts with their performance. Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Solutions is your partner to help your young animals reach their full potential.


Microbiome: Support Dairy Calf Gut Health

A calf’s gut is the first line of defense against health challenges. LAND O LAKES® Cow’s Match and Amplifier® Max calf milk replacers, along with LAND O LAKES® Calf Insure®, include probiotics to support a healthy gut.


We’re Part of Your Team

From identifying opportunities for improvement to choosing the right feeding program, your local expert can help you get the most out of your calves.

Decades of Firsts

We don’t settle for the status quo.

Our quest to do what’s best for young animals led to the development of the first calf milk replacer, first USDA-approved colostrum replacement, first lamb milk replacer and first kid milk replacer – just to name a few. Our most recent innovation is the addition of exclusive probiotics in LAND O LAKES® Cow’s Match® and Amplifier® Max calf milk replacers to support gut health.

What’s next? The possibilities are endless.

Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Solutions and Purina Feed

Exclusively Brought to You by Purina

Great products and services run in the family. Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Solutions and Purina work together to help you raise the best animals possible, every step of the way.