See Clearly and Save Time with ClearView Tubs

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Ron Scott, Ph.D.

Director, Beef Technical Innovation

Picture this: You’re driving around checking cattle and need to see if your protein tubs are running low. It just rained, so conditions are muddy, and you’ve got several pastures to check.

Scenario 1: You have to drive through all of the pastures (and mud), opening every set of gates along the way, only to find your tubs are empty and cows have been without needed nutrition for a few days. Plus, you’ve left big muddy ruts everywhere.

Scenario 2: You have Purina® RangeLand® protein supplement tubs featuring ClearView packaging. With clear plastic tubs, you can see supplement levels from quite a distance away. Less time driving in the mud, less tearing up pastures and less time spent driving and opening gates.

Scenario 2 sounds convenient, doesn’t it? Purina’s ClearView packaging was designed with convenience in mind.

Packing a packaging punch

Purina® RangeLand® protein supplement tubs will be exclusively packaged in ClearView packaging, with availability in most dealers by this fall.

The clear plastic tubs allow you to see the level of product left from a fair distance away. With ClearView, you can see how much supplement is left, replace as needed and ensure your cattle always have the nutrients they need.

Plus, ClearView packaging is more easily recycled than our old tubs since the tubs are made without dyes.

Updated packaging color; same high-quality product

While the packaging color is changing, the high-quality product inside remains the same.

Purina® RangeLand® protein tubs have been a cattle producer-favorite for years. The free-choice supplement is designed to enhance available forage intake and utilization. Molasses provides readily available energy to stimulate rumen fermentation and help cattle get more energy from forages.

Purina® RangeLand® protein supplement tubs provide high-energy and consistent intake without over-consumption, making them an affordable option to increase protein intake when forage quality is poor. Different protein and fat levels are available to meet your needs.

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