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Use a Purina® Proof Pays Feeding Demonstration on your operation to find customizable nutrition solutions that work for you. Explore the performance potential of a product you’ve never tried. In 30-60 days, you’ll have data that compares your current nutritional program vs. Purina® feed, to help you decide the best nutrition for your bottom line.

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Since 2000, Purina Animal Nutrition has collected data from more than 1,800 Proof Pays Feeding Demonstrations on cattle operations across the United States. Participants have fed more than 160,000 head of cattle across all life stages.

How does your current
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Proof Pays Feeding Demonstrations give cattle producers the opportunity to try a Purina® product and track measureable results. Join thousands of producers across the United States, including the producers below, who have tried feed solutions through this program.

Boyd Reynolds on Purina Accuration Starter Feed

Purina® Accuration® Starter

"The initial results on the Accuration® program were how easily the calves weaned. Within one day those calves were not walking the fence, they were not calling for their mommas. The stress level was extremely low."

Boyd Reynolds | Thousand Hills Farm, Athens, Tennessee

Ernie Brauch on Purina Accuration Starter Feed

Purina® Accuration® Starter

"Pulling a calf off its mom and placing it into the weaning environment is probably the most stress a calf will go through in its life. You need them to eat, gain weight and stay healthy. Purina’s starter products help us accomplish all three things, putting money in our pockets."

Ernie Brauch, Manager | Lucas Cattle Co.’s Wheatland Ranch, Cross Timbers, Mo.

Robert Reed on Purina Precon Complete Feed

Purina® Precon® Complete

"We absolutely don’t want to see calves going backward and losing weight during the (weaning) transition period, and getting them eating a complete feed has really helped smooth the transition and help those calves gain weight."

Robert Reed | Towering Oaks Farm, Mt. Storm, West Virginia

The Proof Pays Feeding Demonstration opportunity is available only for producers who have not fed the demonstration product in the past 12 months. A producer feeding Wind & Rain® Storm® Mineral but not feeding Accuration® Grower could qualify for an Accuration® Grower Proof Pays Feeding Demonstration. Contact your local Purina® Cattle Consultant for details.