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The Purina Animal Nutrition Center. Our home of scientific research and innovation for the last 125 years, where we continually work to unlock the greatest potential of every animal.

How Your Animal Achieves

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Constant Nutrition

Your animals have nutrition requirements-not ingredient requirements, so we make small adjustments to the ingredients in order to maintain consistent nutrient concentrations across every bag.

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Lateral Thinking

Innovation doesn't happen in silos. Some of our biggest breakthroughs occurred when our researchers applied learnings from cattle to deer and horses to pigs.

New Product Development

Our research manufacturing facility allows us to study thousands of mixtures and ingredients quickly and seamlessly, so that we can take a product from concept to commercial production as soon as it meets our standards.

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Proof Pays

Before many of our feeds get to your farm, we field test it on countless others. This feedback allows us pinpoint what is and isn't working, so that we can deliver a feed that's proven to achieve results.

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