From Birth to Market, the Scales Will Tell the Story of Your Swine

Our top-quality swine nutritional products can help keep your animals right on schedule to maximizing your profit potential.


Pig Feeds for Every Stage

Raising pigs is fun – whether it’s a new activity for your family or a long-standing tradition.

No matter why or how you’re raising pigs, giving them the best care is important. Nature’s Match® pig feeds provide a complete and balanced diet to help your pigs thrive through all stages.


We Can Give Your Pigs a Head Start on Greatness Through Nutritious Feed

Great Starts

Early eaters tend to grow faster. So we designed young animal nutrition to optimize dry feed intake. And to get them moving toward optimal growth.

Seamless Transitions

From weaning, to vaccination time, to dealing with extreme heat and cold, your pigs will maintain top growth with Purina's swine nutrition programs.

Tailored Solutions

Your pigs' ages, number, breed and environment can all affect outcomes. Choose Purina products that work best for you, ease transitions and provide benefits at each stage.

Nutrition for Sustainable Production

EcoCare® feeds help manage pig manure while optimizing feed efficiency and performance.

EcoCare® feeds are the only feed-through program designed to deliver ROI through pig performance and improved manure management at the same time. See how you can put our research to work to support profit potential and long-term success.