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Research-Proven Nutrition for Healthy, Productive Pigs

We consider every aspect of pig health, right down to the nutrition pigs consume every day. We know what pigs eat matters to their health and performance. The swine industry has a continuous drive for improved performance, including genetic-driven growth potential, which calls for innovative nutritional solutions.
Find a nutrition solution that works for your farm – and, for healthy, productive pigs, including the technologies in UltraCare® pre-starters and starters.


The Path to Your Farm’s Greatest Potential Starts Here

Great Starts

Each phase impacts the next, and a strong start sets the bar for lifetime performance. Purina is the industry leader in weaned pig feed intake technology that supports the best possible starts.

Seamless Transitions

Diet changes, comingling and other stressors can disrupt feed intake, which opens the door to health challenges and lost performance potential. Consistent ingredients help keep pigs eating to support gut development and overall health.

Tailored Solutions

Your farm is unique. Our innovation never ceases, and it’s customizable to help you act on opportunities.









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