Sheep Feed and Sheep Mineral as Great as Your Flock

Count on Purina® sheep feed, sheep mineral and sheep supplements to help
your flock thrive – whether you are raising sheep for meat, wool or breeding.


Stop the Buzz of Flies in Your Flock

Purina® Sheep Mineral with ClariFly® prevents the emergence of house flies and stable flies and helps reduce fly irritation. Suitable for the entire flock, Purina® Sheep Mineral supports growth, optimum performance and reproductive health.


Let the Power of Purina Unlock the Greatness in Your Flock

Feeding Excellence

Our sheep feeding program is built for healthy sheep - whether you are raising sheep for breeding, wool, meat or show.

Unparalleled Expertise

Starting with raising sheep on our farm and with resources across the country, we are experts at learning from sheep and understanding their unique needs.

Solutions That Fit

From lamb to ewe or ram, all sheep life stages have unique nutritional needs. Our balanced portfolio of sheep feed, sheep mineral and sheep supplements are made to bring out greatness of the entire flock.

Purina® Sheep Nutrition Program

Purina® offers you a complete nutrition program with practical feeding rations for increased efficiencies in your commercial sheep operation. From nourishing and getting your lambs off to a healthy start to helping along the way. We have the specific nutritional solutions for the needs of lambs, adults and nursing ewes with balanced feeds and supplements for healthy sheep at each life stage.