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Raise your sheep to thrive with the complete nutrition of our sheep-specific feeds, minerals and supplements.

Image of red and white Purina Sheep Mineral with ClariFly

Stop the Buzz of Flies in Your Flock

Purina® Sheep Mineral with ClariFly® prevents the emergence of house flies and stable flies and helps reduce fly irritation. Suitable for the entire flock, Purina® Sheep Mineral supports growth, optimum performance and reproductive health.


Innovative Sheep Solutions from Our Operation to Yours

Field Tested

All sheep products are tested at our own farm and studied by our team of experts before they’re made available to you. This certifies that you receive products held to the highest standards of quality.

Ingenuity Infused

To ensure your flock maintains optimal health and performance levels, our sheep feeds, minerals and supplements utilize the latest trusted technology.

Tailored Solutions

From lamb to ewe or ram, our sheep feeds, minerals and supplements are optimized for all life stages and nutritional needs — whether you are raising sheep for breeding, wool, meat or show.

Perfectly Balanced Nutrition for Excellent Production and Efficiency

Designed for sheep receiving rations composed largely of grass and hay, Purina® Wind and Rain® Sheep Mineral reduces clumping and waste while supporting hoof health and reproductive efficiency.

High in trace minerals and calcium, this quality product meets and exceeds nutrient requirements for high production and reduces the risk of milk fever and ketosis.

Purina Wind & Rain Sheep Mineral Package








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