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Tales of Feeding

“I am super ecstatic over my horse’s change in body condition, attitude and health since switching to Purina® Strategy® GX.”

Kelsi White, Horse owner

“I switched him to Purina® Strategy GX and Outlast® gastric support supplement. Since then he started to fill out and hasn’t had colic since!”

Cassie Carrol, Vet Tech & Horse owner

“Switching to Omolene #200®, got her interested in grain again and helped start gaining weight back while we were treating her for ulcers”

Kristin Davies, Horse owner

“Since switching a year ago my hens are laying more and the eggs look much better. The overall health of my flock has never been better.”

Anthony Rice, Flock owner

“Since we switched to Purina, I can see the difference. Sometimes I get 2 eggs in one day from the same hen and I never had that with my other grains.”

Christine Turner, Flock owner