Purina® Accuration® Starter

Purina® Accuration® Starter

A complete feed for starting calves weighing 350 to 600 or more lbs. The feed is formulated to provide intake modifying properties.

Features & Benefits

Complete feed with roughage

Palatable feed that provides all nutrients required in rations for starting calves that supports optimal feed intake and gains and improves transition to growing and finishing rations. No added roughage required.

Drug options available

Help increase gains and decrease morbidity.

Formulated using proprietary Intake Modifying Technology®

Regulates number and size of meals which improves feed efficiency and reduces digestive and metabolic problems in starting cattle.

Formulated with Diamond V® Original XPC™

Purina Animal Nutrition Center research data supports the use of Diamond V Original XPC in starter diets.  Diamond V® Original XPC™ in Accuration® Starters optimizes rumen performance which translates to healthy feedlot cattle performing to their potential. Research has shown. Original XPC supports ration palatability, consistent feed intake, average daily gain and
feed conversion of weaning calves.

Includes 7 gram trademark levels of Zinpro Availa® 4 Organic Trace Minerals

Rapidly restores trace mineral levels to jump-start the immune system of nutritionally challenged stressed cattle.