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speak louder
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Lessons from the Farm

What we’ve learned can help you care for your horses and return the happiness they bring you.

Information from Our Horse Experts

Animal experts at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center share their knowledge about horses.

Why is it important to not supplement balanced horse rations?
When a horse owner feeds a Purina® horse feed, it is already balanced to meet the horse's nutritional needs and contains sufficient amount of all the necessary proteins and amino acids, vitamins and minerals. If an owner then top-dresses a protein, vitamin, or mineral supplement on the ration, it can cause serious nutrient imbalances and possibly toxicities.

Video Lessons from the Farm

Learn more horse feeding and caring tips from our Purina Nutrition Experts.

The Industry’s Best
Believe in Us

Our talented ambassador team is nationally recognized. These accomplished professionals devote their time and effort to share their knowledge and skill with the youth and families of this industry.