Purina Horse Nutrition Makes a Difference You Can See

See why our research-based horse feeds and supplements are the right solutions for your horses.


Goodbye to Flies, Hello to Gastric Health + Body Condition

Purina® EquiTub® with ClariFly® is a triple win for horse owners, because it contains ClariFly® larvicide to help control house and stable fly populations, includes Outlast® gastric support supplement to promote gastric health and proper pH AND includes Amplify® high-fat nugget to support endurance and bloom.


Every Horse Is a Statement from Its Owner and Its Feed

Tailored Solutions

Our feeds are precisely formulated for your horse’s age and lifestyle. You’ll see the proof in strong hooves, shiny coats, and healthy horses.

Driving Passion

We’re passionate about helping horses reach their fullest potential. We are proud to sponsor A Home for Every Horse and professional ambassadors so that every horse’s story can be one of greatness.

Unparalleled Expertise

With every Purina product you’re getting the best thinking of the most accomplished group of Ph.D. equine nutritionists and equine experts in the industry.

Greatness Never Ages

Not all senior horses are the same. In fact, each one is different with individual dietary needs. That’s why we created two types of senior feed. See what makes them different and which one is best for your senior horse.