What is Weatherability and Why is it Important in Cattle Mineral?

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Weatherability is defined as a mineral’s ability to withstand the adverse impacts of Mother Nature. Rain and other elements can quite literally wash your cattle mineral investment down the drain, causing it to blow out of your feeder or turn mineral into a brick-type substance that cattle refuse to eat.

These environmental impacts can lead to a 10 to 15% mineral loss. That’s 5 to 7.5 pounds of a single bag of cattle mineral that your cattle will not benefit from. This amount of waste can make a less expensive mineral bag fairly costly, not just in your checkbook but also in terms of cow herd performance.

What gives Purina® Wind and Rain® mineral its weatherability?

Proprietary technology in Wind and Rain® mineral repels water while maintaining nutrient value. It minimizes rain or snow’s impact, reducing clumping and bricking of non-weatherized mineral.

Particle size also plays a big role in minerals’ weatherability. Larger-sized particles in Wind and Rain® mineral make it harder to blow away and easier for water to pass through.

Cattle also prefer larger particle size feedstuffs. Mineral itself is not especially palatable, so the larger particle size encourages consumption – so cattle get the nutrients they need to perform.

Does the water-resistant formula affect digestibility?

A common question with Wind and Rain® mineral is, “If the mineral repels water and doesn’t lose nutrients when water is on it, are those nutrients available to the animal once they consume the mineral?”

The simple answer is yes. Most trace mineral absorption happens in the small intestine. In this part of the digestive tract, the acidity breaks down the technology that repels water and allows cattle to absorb the mineral’s nutrients for maximum benefit.

Protect your mineral investment and reduce waste by choosing a cattle mineral with strong weatherability. A mineral that gets consumed – not washed away – can go to work in your herd to help reach your goals.

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