Purina® Stress Care® 5 Supplement

Purina® Stress Care® 5 Supplement

Fed at 5 pounds per head per day along with unlimited supplies of good quality pasture, hay or other forage (minimum 8% DM protein). This pelleted starter is designed to deliver a potent dose of essential nutrients for stressed cattle in a small inclusion package. Purina's most palatable starter feed gets cattle eating quickly. It contains RX3® Immune Support Technology to help prepare calves’ natural defenses to optimize their response to stress and common calf health challenges.

Features & Benefits

Pelleted feed containing protein, vitamins and minerals

Formulated to provide the correct balance of nutrients required for starting calves to encourage intake, health and weight gains.


Encourages calves just weaned off cow and/or stressed during transportation to being to eat dry feed and recover from the stresses of weaning and shipping.

Availa® 4 minerals

Rapidly restores trace mineral levels to support the immune system of nutritionally challenged, stressed cattle. 

RX3® Immune Support Technology

Specifically formulated to prime the immune system, to help support calves’ overall health, reduce costs and set calves up for a healthy future.

Additives available 

Additive options available to provide additional benefit including weight gain, control of coccidiosis, and treatment of bacterial enteritis.