Purina® 4-Square® Breeder Cubes

Purina® 4-Square® Breeder Cubes

A protein supplement fed daily to beef catle to balance the nutritional deficiencies in fair-quality forage or poor-quality forage. 

Features & Benefits

20%, 25%, 32% and 37% Protein options available 

Provides flexibility to choose supplement and feeding rate that fits the needs of the individual cattle producer.

Available in all vegetable protein versions with no NPN

Works well in most natural beef programs or when a no NPN product is desired.

Modest amounts of trace minerals added

Flexible; allows producer to choose mineral program based on mineral needs of the herd.

Supplemental protein or energy for beef cattle on forage based diets

Supports low-quality forage intake and utilization.

Vitamin A fortified

Extra Vitamin A for optimal animal health and performance.

Medicated options available