Purina® Precon® Complete

Purina® Precon® Complete

Fed as the sole ration, this pelleted feed, which includes roughage, is highly palatable and nutrient dense, getting light or moderate weight calves eating quickly to restore nutrients lost through the stress of weaning and shipping. It contains Availa® 4 organic trace minerals to support the immune system. 
Please see your Purina® representative for information on individual production options and availability.

Features & Benefits

Pelleted feed containing proteins, vitamins and minerals

Specially formulated to provide the optimal balance of nutrients required for starting calves to encourage intake, health and weight gains.


Gets cattle eating quickly to restore nutrients and encourage calves just weaned off cow and/or stressed during transportation to begin to eat dry feed and recover from the stresses of weaning and shipping. 

Complete feed with adequate roughage

Provides adequate roughage for starting cattle without additional forage.

Availa® 4 organic trace minerals

Rapidly restores trace mineral levels to support the immune system of nutritionally challenged, stressed cattle. 

Additives available

Additive options available to provide additional benefit including maintenance of weight gains and prevention and control of coccidiosis.