Stacie Crowder

Stacie Crowder

Director, Sales and Additive Nutrition Technical Innovations



Purdue University


Looking for an engaging conversation about medium-chain fatty acids? Just talk to Stacie Crowder. She’s part scientist, part artist. Her masterpiece? An eloquent combination of swine producer interaction, feed additive formulation, immunity, gut health and animal performance. In short, she’s wise at applying high level science to real world application to optimize health and performance.

In true science-art fashion, Stacie doesn’t sit still. By day, she’s a full-time swine nutritionist and by night, a full-time doctoral student at Purdue University researching swine nutrition. She holds a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition with a focus on Omega-3 fatty acids and a bachelor’s in animal science.

Stacie started with Purina Animal Nutrition in 2012 as a feed formulator for the swine national team. Before that, she worked as a research and development manager at JBS United.

In her rare free time, you’ll find Stacie on road trips to sheep shows with her two young boys and husband.  

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