Ben Trible

Ben Trible , Ph.D.

Senior Scientist – Purina Animal Research Center



Kansas State University


No two days are the same for Ben. As a senior scientist at the Purina Animal Research Center, Ben works with all the research teams from dairy to swine, cattle to deer, bees to fish and is the go-to-guy for immunology. One day, he’s conducting a yeast experiment for cows; the next, he’s interpreting results from a horse study.

Have something to research? Ben can develop an experiment in vitro. Want to develop immune dysregulation models, study antibody responses and manage biosecurity? He’s got you covered. Ben’s focused on helping our researchers test every angle so you’re confident in the feed you give to your animals.

Ben earned his master’s degree and Ph.D. from Kansas State University. Before joining Team Purina, Ben researched the Porcine Circovirus 2 and its interaction with the immune system – all while managing a research lab at the university.

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