Brenda de Rodas

Brenda de Rodas, Ph.D.

R&D Director, Research & Product Development

Helping produce food for the world’s growing population is one of the most important things any person could do



Oklahoma State University, Stillwater


She also manages the swine research unit including personnel, facilities and the financial aspects of the program.

Prior to joining Purina Animal Nutrition in 1999, de Rodas worked at Oklahoma State University and University of Arkansas as a research associate in swine nutrition. She also worked with the Agriculture Department of Honduras for five years in extension and research. 

Dr. de Rodas’ research expertise and interest includes:

  • More than 25 years of experience in swine nutrition research with emphasis in young pig nutrition and management
  • Main interest in understanding the complex interactions of diet, health and gastrointestinal microbial ecology as well as the mechanism involved in immune modulation by some dietary additives
  • Continue to focus on the development of new products and programs for young pigs that promote gut health and development, and drive early intake
  • Continue efforts to improve feed efficiency to reduce carbon footprint of pork production to produce more sustainable pork

“The accomplishments that I’m most proud of include the development of UltraCare® Gel and the UltraCare® Pig Starter Feed, a feeding program for young pigs, and EcoCare® Feed, the first environmental feeding program for swine," says Dr. de Rodas. “In addition, we have received eight patents of technologies that we have developed in the past few years.”

Dr. de Rodas earned a bachelor’s degree in agronomic engineering from the National University of Honduras, a master’s degree in animal science and a Ph.D. in animal nutrition from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.

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