Kevin Burgoon

Kevin Burgoon , Ph.D.

Senior Nutritionist, HONOR® Show Technical Solutions

Each time we help young people achieve their goals in the show ring it’s a thrill.



Texas A&M University


Since 2003, Dr. Burgoon’s work has focused exclusively on show feeds. He writes extensively to educate sales teams, breeders, dealers and consumers about the efficacy of show feeds in bringing out the full genetic potential of show animals. He also leads discussions with agriculture teachers, county extension agents, breeders, dealers and customers about the importance of nutrition and how to use Purina® show products. 

“It’s a myth that all show feed products are the same and some just cost more. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Competing brands have no idea what our nutritional formulas are and how hard they work for our customers,” says Dr. Burgoon. “Our feeds and supplements reap success in the show ring by helping to improve the animal’s physical performance and appearance.

“Show products are developed by listening to our ambassadors and keeping our ears and eyes glued to the show ring to understand what’s needed to prepare animals to win. It’s all about pleasing the eye of the judge. The animal must look its absolute best as it enters the show ring,” says Dr. Burgoon.

Dr. Burgoon’s areas of expertise and interests include:

  • Show animals and feeding show animals
  • Teaching parents and kids how to use Purina products

“During graduate school, I conducted metabolism studies with growing pigs determining amino acid digestibilities of just about every protein source one can conceive,” says Dr. Burgoon. “Some of these ingredients were shown to have made improvements in the shape, tone and amount of muscle. I used this knowledge to formulate the Honor® Show feeds and the High Octane® supplements.”

Dr. Burgoon earned bachelors and masters of science degrees from Sul Ross State University and a Ph.D. in animal nutrition from Texas A&M University.

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