Purina® All Purpose Cattle Mineral

Purina® All Purpose Cattle Mineral

An all purpose mineral for cattle on pasture. Purina® All-Purpose Cattle Mineral provides your cattle balanced mineral nutrition year-round that they need  for health and reproduction. Proper levels of key minerals can help optimize cattle performance. In fact, we recommend a year-round mineral program to help ensure your cows get the nutrients they need when they need them. 

Features & Benefits

Convenient mineral choice

Available nationally and can be fed to your cows, bulls, stockers and calves.

Optimal balance and ratios of essential cattle minerals

Assures cattle receive the mineral nutrition they need year-round. 

Feeding Directions

Best Results
Feed this product free choice to cattle receiving rations composed largely of grass hay or to cattle grazing range or grass pastures. Optimum intake is  4 ounces per head daily.