Purina® Accuration® Finisher

Purina® Accuration® Finisher

A supplement for mixing with coarse cracked corn for finishing cattle weighing over 650 lb or dairy beef steers weighing over 400 lb that is formulated to provide intake modifying properties to the complete ration.  It supports a reduced need for roughage in rations which may improve feed efficiency, reduce storage and handling costs as well as decreasing manure production.

Features & Benefits

Contains protein, vitamins and minerals

Balances nutrient deficiencies in corn-based ration to improve gains and feed efficiency

Intake Modifying Technology®

Regulates number and size of meals which improves feed efficiency and addresses digestive and metabolic issues in finishing cattle. Reduces need for roughage in ration which improves feed efficiency, reduces storage and handling costs as well as decreasing manure production 

100% vitamin and trace mineral fortified

No need to feed extra mineral supplements to meet requirements.

Additives available

Additives available to provide additional benefit including weight gain, improved feed efficiency, suppression of estrus (heat), reduction of incidence of liver abscesses, and fly control.