Purina® Accuration® Backgrounder

Purina® Accuration® Backgrounder

Accuration® Backgrounder is supplement for mixing with coarse cracked corn for growing/developing calves weighing 300 to 500 lbs. after they receive starting rations. The supplement is formulated to provide intake modifying properties to the complete ration.

Features & Benefits

Contains protein, vitamins and minerals

Balances nutrient deficiencies in grain and roughage rations for optimal and efficient gains in growing/developing calves.

Formulated using proprietary Intake Modifying Technology®

Regulates number and size of meals which improves feed efficiency and reduces digestive and metabolic problems in growing cattle.

Additives available 

Additive options available for the improvement of feed efficiency and the reduction of liver abscesses.

Multiple applications

Can be used to develop all classes of cattle.