What Smells Sweeter Than Pig Performance?

EcoCare® feeds help manage manure while optimizing feed efficiency and performance.

What Smells Sweeter Than Pig Performance?

EcoCare® feeds help manage manure while optimizing feed efficiency and performance.

EcoCare® Feeds Are a Convenient Choice to Manage Pig Manure

Sure, sometimes less is more. But what if you could have both?

EcoCare® feeds are the only feed-through program designed to deliver ROI through pig performance and improved manure management at the same time. 

With EcoCare® feeds, you can have pigs that perform and manure that’s easier to handle.

Less Waste and More Convenience

High-protein, high-fiber diets can increase pig water intake, add bulk to manure and make manure stickier. Pigs fed EcoCare® feeds excreted 14 percent less manure solids1, and their manure dissolved 33 percent faster2, supporting fast pen cleaning and less time needed to handle manure. 

With EcoCare® feeds, you never need a pit additive. Gone are the days of messy mixing and pouring, or even worse – forgetting to put the additive in the pit. It’s as simple as feeding your pigs, which you are going to do anyway!

Less Odor and More Fresh Air

In your manure pit, nitrogen, a component of protein, turns into ammonia, one of the prime culprits of manure odors. Research showed a 28.4 percent reduction3 in nitrogen excretion and a 40 percent reduction4 in ammonia emissions when pigs were fed EcoCare® feeds.

You want to be a good neighbor and a good employer. EcoCare® feeds can help reduce odors and emissions to keep employees comfortable and neighbors happy. 

EcoCare® Feeds to Fit Your Situation

EcoCare® feeds are an effective way to manage manure without using a pit additive. Choose the EcoCare® solution that fits your operation.

Optimal Pig Performance

Your operation’s future is always on your mind. We’ve done the research, (more than 10 years of it) to be sure EcoCare® feeds are formulated for optimal nutrient digestibility and minimal waste. See how you can put our research to work to support profit potential and long-term success.
Swine Ammonia Reduction

Reduce Ammonia (and Stink) in Pork Production 

EcoCare® feeds support fresh air for your pigs, your employees and your neighbors.  

Swine Manure Management

How to Manage Pig Manure When Feeding DDGS

Research shows it’s quicker and easier to clean pens and empty manure pits when pigs are fed EcoCare® feeds. 

Ready to Learn More?

Want to learn more about managing manure with feed that optimizes pig performance and supports sustainable pork production? Connect with a local swine specialist to talk about EcoCare® feeds.

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