Dan Grum

Dan Grum , Ph.D.

Scientist, Health Research Unit



Texas A&M University


You could say that Dan’s passion for health research is a part of his DNA. He’s a research scientist and geneticist at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center. He’s studied DNA sequences ranging from cancer predisposition and plant toxicity to ruminant microbiomes and chicken immunology. He makes it a regular habit to grow gut lining cells in petri dishes and test the phytogenic properties from botanical ingredients on inflammation pathways.  

As part of the health research unit, Dan digs into immunity and gut health across all species. He works to develop new products to help producers maintain healthy, strong animals in the barn, coop, pond and pasture.

Dan received a Ph.D. in genetics from Texas A&M University. Before joining Team Purina, he worked with Myriad Genetics and the USDA as a research geneticist. 

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