Vern Pearson

Vern Pearson, Ph.D.

Swine Marketing Nutritionist

We work to help producers understand the benefits of feed ingredients during each stage of production.



University of Missouri


Dr. Pearson’s role includes working with research, sales, master data, cooperatives, dealers, central plants, pricing and field technical services to supply support through utilization of the Enterprise and Checkmate programs along with technical support in the swine micronutrient area.

“Whether it is emails, phone calls or workshops and meetings with our technical staff, research staff, sales or producers there is much satisfaction in helping our agricultural community to evolve and produce pork to help feed the world,” says Dr. Pearson. “Every day brings new challenges and satisfaction in helping other people accomplish their jobs and fulfill their wants and needs.”

Dr. Pearson’s research expertise and accomplishments include:

  • Micro-nutrient utilization in the swine herd.
  • Maximizing swine production and profit from sows.
  • Maximizing production and profit from grower finisher hogs.

“The accomplishment that I’m most proud was the development of the swine starters in the 1990’s that are still being utilized today in similar forms. As well as developing our swine trace mineral and vitamin packs utilized at our central plants and cooperatives along with custom micronutrient packs that our customers used over the last 28 years,” says Dr. Pearson.

Dr Pearson is a member of Gamma Sigma Delta Agricultural Honor Society and is a board-certified swine nutritionist in the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in swine nutrition specializing in sow breeding nutrition. He also received the provost’s Outstanding Junior Teaching Award for graduate students while at Missouri in animal science. His bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animal science and animal nutrition are from Iowa State University, with a research focus on single cell protein for baby pigs.

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