Vern Pearson

Vern Pearson, Ph.D.

Senior Swine Nutritionist

We work to help producers understand the benefits of feed ingredients during each stage of production.



University of Missouri-Columbia


If Harry Truman was right, Vern Pearson would make a great U.S. president.

Vern likes to remind people that Truman said, “No man should be allowed to be president who does not understand hogs.” Based on that measure, Vern’s decades of work in the pork industry make him more than qualified.

Vern works as a swine nutrition troubleshooter and problem solver. He works with farmers, farm co-operatives and livestock sales specialists to find and develop nutritional solutions that solve on-farm challenges. Vern’s ultimate goal is to help pork producers be profitable while staying within the lines of regulations, price restrictions or other hurdles.

Pearson’s career with Purina Animal Nutrition began as a swine nutritionist for Land O’ Lakes in 1987. Before that, he worked as a swine nutritionist at MoorMan’s® Manufacturing Co. in Quincy, Illinois and as a nutritionist at a 500-sow operation in Iowa. He earned his master’s degree at Iowa State University and his Ph.D. in swine nutrition at University of Missouri-Columbia, where he researched the use of dietary minerals in breeding swine.

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