Ron Scott

Ron Scott, Ph.D.

Director of Beef Research

A strong work ethic is the key for us to make progress.



Oklahoma State University


Dr. Scott has worked at Purina Animal Nutrition for more than 20 years in consulting, technical services and research.
His work at Purina has solved a variety of problems in beef production that aren’t always nutritional in nature. “Some of our best products solve more than one problem. And the value of the feed product is measured in much more than animal performance,” says Dr. Scott.  “We develop products that can alter how cattle eat, contribute to pasture management, enhance labor practices and improve profitability of cattle.”

Dr. Scott’s research expertise and interests include:

  • Nutrition and management of cattle diets
  • Forage utilization
  • Cow herd productivity
  • Finishing cattle performance and efficiency
  • Methods that modify rumen fermentation
  • Nutrient delivery technologies that influence palatability, consistent consumption and eating behavior

“Over the years we have created many new products and programs, but the most valuable of all is that of Sustained® Nutrition. Sustained® Nutrition utilizes an Intake Modifying Technology® supplement in a 12 month cow care program. Conception rates and weaning weights that ranchers have reported are remarkable,” says Dr. Scott.

Dr. Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Purdue University, a master’s degree in animal science and a doctoral degree with a specialization in ruminant nutrition from Oklahoma State University. His master’s work focused on supplementation/management strategies for Tallgrass prairie, an ecosystem that’s largely managed by prescribed spring burning and grazing. Supplementation of poor quality forage for beef cattle was the focal point of his Ph.D.

He grew up on a diversified farm in North Central Indiana where his family raised cattle and swine, row crops and hay.

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