Olivia Schroeder

Olivia Schroeder , Ph.D.

Director of Dairy Research



Iowa State University


Research is Olivia’s passion. She’s constantly analyzing data to glean new insights on dairy cattle and calf nutrition. She thrives on revealing more questions through research and pushing the envelope on nutrition to help move the industry forward.

What keeps Olivia up at night? Understanding true nutrient requirements in cattle from birth and beyond. She understands her work at The Farm ultimately impacts dairy farmers, their herds and feeding human progress. It’s a big undertaking and she’s excited to be part of it.

Olivia received a master’s in animal science studying dairy cattle and ruminant nutrition from Michigan State University She completed a Ph.D. from Iowa State University studying trace mineral nutrition in feedlot cattle.

Want to talk with Olivia? Call 855-603-0002.

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