Stuart Rymph

Stuart Rymph , Ph.D., CCA, PAS

Dairy Nutritionist

A continuous focus on how to apply new ideas and technologies to solve our customers’ problems, improve their profitability and minimize their impact on the environment underlies everything that we do



University of Florida


Dr. Rymph focuses on evaluating product performance in addition to helping customers and the field staff implement new technologies.

“My role in technical support is to help our people apply the ideas and technologies developed by our research team and others. It’s not just about problem solving but to help lead our customers forward,” says Dr. Rymph.

Dr. Rymph’s expertise and interests include:

  • Agronomy.
  • Crop production methods and their impact to digestibility and feed efficiency by the animal.
  • Dairy cattle nutrition.

“My greatest feeling of accomplishment is when I can take a piece of research and apply it in a new way to solve a problem,” says Dr. Rymph.

Dr. Rymph holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, a master’s degree in agronomy with a minor in dairy nutrition and a doctoral degree with a specialization in agronomy with minors in animal nutrition and agricultural engineering from the University of Florida. His master’s work focused on the effects of levels of nitrogen fertilization on the protein characteristics of grasses. Modeling environmental and management effects on grass growth and composition was the focal point of his Ph.D. Dr. Rymph is also a certified crop adviser and is certified as a professional animal scientist from the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists.

His background in both dairy nutrition and agronomy provides a broad base of experience and expertise which helps Dr. Rymph make connections between what happens to the plants as they grow and how that may impact the cow internally when they are consumed. Dr. Rymph grew up on a farm in New York.

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