Krystal Regan

Krystal Regan

Calf and Heifer Specialist – Eastern Iowa, Southeast Minnesota



Iowa State University


If there’s one thing Krystal loves, it’s calves. She enjoys solving calf challenges and believes a successful calf program must have all the right parts going in the right direction for everything to fall into place and calves to thrive.

Krystal has a business mindset and knows efficiency is the key to success. Cost per pound of gain tracking, employee training and developing calf management protocols are her bread and butter. She works together as a team with farmers to understand their business and help them reach their goals.

Attending Iowa State University for dairy science and agriculture communications and her experience as a large herd calf manager gives her first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day operations of a dairy farm. She knows just what it takes to help calves reach their genetic potential.

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