Morghan Bowman

Morghan Bowman

Equine Microbiome Scientist



North Carolina State University


As a child, Morghan aspired to become a veterinarian, a dream which followed her through college. However, while working for an equine hospital, she conversed with a veterinarian about a nutrition article, leading to the statement that would change her life: “You have a knack for nutrition”. The same day, she sent an email to her equine science professor, Dr. Paul Siciliano. Upon meeting and working with him, she discovered a passion for research. Thus, her graduate career began.

Morghan’s thesis topic focused on evaluating the effects of pasture restriction on the equine fecal microbiome and fecal fermentation parameters. She is passionate about the field of microbiome science and is excited to continue this type of research with Purina; describing the microbiome as “a black box with unknown and seemingly unlimited potential”.

Morghan earned her master’s degree in animal science with a minor in nutrition from North Carolina State University and will complete her Ph.D. in animal and poultry science with a co-major in nutrition under the guidance of Dr. Paul Siciliano.

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