Monty Lahoti

Monty Lahoti , M.S.

Data Science and Digital Product Manager



University: University of South Florida


Monty is a proud and self-motivated data guy. He believes that data tells more than just numbers and data-based decision making/insights is the key to achieving greater gains in modern animal farming. He loves to explore and work with all kinds of technologies such as computers, sensors, cloud computing, statistics, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). He truly thinks that these advanced technologies can help achieve better efficiencies, gains, and health in animal farming. Monty is aiming to create a data-based ecosystem for Feeding Greatness where fewer people can take care of more animals to increase production and profit.
Monty is also striving hard to utilize our current microbiome capabilities to develop an Integrated Animal Systems Biology Platform. He along with other researchers is targeting to implement a high throughput Purina bioinformatics (MQ) platform that takes sequencing data as one of the inputs and output evidence based, customized recommendations that includes diets, management strategies, DFM’s & prebiotics. Monty likes to take on several challenges that range from requiring strain-level resolution in bacterial community profiles to the integration of large datasets for predictive machine learning purposes.
Monty is an alum of University of South Florida where he received his Master’s in Management Information System (MIS). Monty also holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Shivaji University, India.

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