Masa Williams

Masa Williams , Ph.D.

Nutritionist, Equine Technical Solutions



The Ohio State University


Dr. Masa Williams’s lifelong love of horses and her insatiable need to ask “why” led her down the path to becoming an equine nutritionist. Prior to joining Purina Animal Nutrition, Dr. Williams spent ten years as an Equine Specialist with Ohio State University Extension and teaching equine classes at The Ohio State University. In her current role, Masa enjoys working with team members in research, formulation, manufacturing, and sales to bring the highest quality product available to customers and their horses. Masa can think of no better place to be where she can combine her passion for horses, teaching, and applied nutrition.

Masa earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from the University of Arkansas, her Master of Science in Animal Nutrition from the University of Kentucky, and her Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition from The Ohio State University. Masa’s doctorate research focused on the effects of energy source and amount on nutrient digestibility and prediction of digestible energy in horses.

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