Mary Beth Gordon

Mary Beth Gordon , Ph.D.

Director of Equine Research and New Product Development



Rutgers University


When Mary Beth begged for riding lessons as a child, she could only hope that the rest of her life would revolve around horses. The quintessential horse-crazy kid, she thought she was heading toward a career in veterinary medicine, but life had other plans.
During college, Mary Beth discovered a passion for equine nutrition. And after graduate school, Purina. Here she studies the effect of nutrition on horse health. Separating trends from true efficacy, her research uncovers what’s right for each type of horse and at what level nutrients become meaningful and not just “tag dressing”. 
With undergraduate and graduate degrees in Animal Science from Delaware Valley University and Rutgers University, Mary Beth appreciates that she can combine her love of horses with a commitment to thorough research. Whether she needs access to resources at the nutrition center, specialized equipment or just more time, Purina supports exemplary science.
And this, she says, shows up in every bag.

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