Mariela Lachmann

Mariela Lachmann, Ph.D.

Senior Nutritionist, Swine Technical Solutions

We’re always looking for ways to improve our products, focusing on optimizing pig performance while helping to preserve the environment.



Oklahoma State University


Dr. Lachmann joined Purina to lead a holistic approach for nutrient management in swine production with emphasis on nutritional interventions during the Grow/Finish phase. Her work includes the technical support for the EcoCare® Feeds program, which is designed to comprehensively optimize the production of pork while helping to complement the environmental stewardship practices in pig farms.

“I thought I’d go back to the academic side where I could contribute to teaching socially responsible animal practices,” said Dr. Lachmann. “But Purina offered me the opportunity to make impact as a nutritionist and I knew it was the right fit. I loved how strong the research is here.”

A fifth-generation “cattleman” from Venezuela, Dr. Lachmann attended La Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo, where she earned a degree in agronomist engineering and a Master of Science in Animal Product with an emphasis on ruminant nutrition. Her interest in swine production led her to Oklahoma State University where she earned a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition with an emphasis on swine nutrition and nutrient management.

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