Andrea Brueggemann

Andrea Brueggemann , MBA

Equine Research Unit Manager



Truman State University, B.S., Missouri Baptist University, MBA


I pride myself in claiming that I am an “Iowa farm girl.” I was just lucky enough to raise horses with my dad, start my own colts and do a little trail riding.  I went on to Truman State University and learned about the many different avenues that an agriculture/animal science degree could be used. From there I became interested in research and searched for opportunities until I found Purina. Purina also has an internship program, which is where I got my start. Purina’s dedication to science and to making animal lives better was an easy sell for a “farm girl” that didn’t want to be in an office all day. For me, working with animals and for a great company was the perfect fit and I am overjoyed with the experiences and the products that we have developed from the work that we do every day.  Seeing is truly believing with the work that we do here, and the excitement is continuous.

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