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Horses Need More Nutrition Than Forage Alone Can Provide

Easy keepers get a lot of what they need from forage, but there are some nutrients they need to round it out. Supplementing with concentrated or complete feed will provide those nutrients, but may also give horses more calories than they need. That's where ration balancers come in. Purina® Ration Balancers have been scientifically formulated to give your horse the nutritional detail they deserve, filling the gaps in their forage diet.

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Helping Horses Reach Their Full Potential 

To tackle some of the biggest horse nutrition challenges, our Ph.D. nutritionists pair science with their love for horses to come up with innovative solutions that are grounded in the biggest needs of the horse. Learn more about the challenges our team has helped solve, as well as where the future of equine nutrition is headed and the scientific methods we're using to get there.


Every Horse Is a Statement from Its Owner and Its Feed

Unparalleled Expertise

With every Purina product you’re getting the best thinking of the most accomplished group of Ph.D. equine nutritionists and equine experts in the industry.

Tailored Solutions

Our feeds are precisely formulated for your horse’s age and lifestyle. You’ll see the proof in strong hooves, shiny coats, and healthy horses.

Driving Passion

We’re passionate about helping horses reach their fullest potential. We are proud to sponsor A Home for Every Horse and professional ambassadors so that every horse’s story can be one of greatness.

Hydration. Recovery. Comfort.

Purina® RepleniMash™ Product is nutritionally balanced and made with wholesome ingredients your horse is accustomed to, plus a whole lot more. With Outlast® Gastric Support Supplement and a science-backed serving of electrolytes built-in, this tasty mash can help your performance horse feel his best or simply let your friend know you care.

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Horse Education





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Get the best thinking of the most accomplished group of Ph.D. nutritionists and experts in the industry.