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For active horses, matching their feed program to the type of exercise they are doing helps ensure their workouts are appropriately fueled.

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Your horse’s appearance is important, but it’s not the only way to know if you are feeding the correct amount. There are many feeds that could be appropriate for your horse, but they all have different calorie counts. You want to choose one you can feed at the appropriate rate. Feed too little and your horse may be missing out on important nutrients. Feed too much and it’s a sign you may not be using the feed that best fits the needs of your horse.

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Try the newly-improved Purina® Feed Finder to explore feed options based on your horse’s unique needs. Input factors like lifestyle, Body Condition Score and forage intake to get personalized feeding recommendations for your individual horse. Compare feed options side-by-side and take the stress out of finding the right choice for your performance horse.

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Seeking to help your horses achieve peak performance potential? Treat your horses to research-proven, performance-tested Purina® horse feed and see the results for yourself. Sign up for the Feed Greatness® Challenge to try a Purina® horse feed or supplement for 30 days and see the difference in your horse.

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Are you happy with your feeding program, or could it be better suited for your horse’s needs? Connect directly to our Purina experts to get tailored nutrition advice, or connect with your local Purina retailer.

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