Local chicken raising events Purina® Flock TalksTM

Start your chicks strong in 2018 with Purina

Local chicken raising eventsPurina® Flock TalksTM

Start your chicks strong in 2018 with Purina

Announcing new, Purina® Flock TalksTM!

We have strived to be your educational partner for all things flock for many years through our chick focused events. In 2018, we’re taking our local chicken events to new heights with a new name, new information and a strong feeding program.

Here’s what you need to know about Purina® Flock TalksTM: Our local chicken-keeping workshops will now be known as Purina® Flock TalksTM. At these events, we’ll host hands-on workshops, share useful chicken-raising tips and provide fun activities for the whole family. There will be both beginner and experienced tracks. Topics may include: raising chickens for eggs, chicken coop tips, what to feed chickens, chicken supplies and much more. Some stores will even have chickens for sale along with coupon books to help feed your new flock. Find a local Purina® Flock Talk event near you.

Workshop topics may include:

Chick prep 101

Brooder set-up, picking a breed, space needs

Start them strong

Bringing chicks home, temperature requirements, bedding, chick nutrition

Kids and chickens

Fun games and activities for the whole family, ways to get kids involved with the flock


Coop types, space considerations, ventilation, predator prevention

Feeding your flock

Layer vs. meat bird nutrition, feed adjustments as birds grow, raising an organic flock

Magical moments

Introducing chicks to coops, managing the teenage stage, your first egg, molt

First egg happy dance

When to expect your first eggs, how to extend laying season, tips for strong shells and added omega-3

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