Welcome to Purina® Chick Days 2017!

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to backyard happiness. Soon, you’ll be bringing your first chicks home, watching them grow and collecting farm fresh eggs for your family. Let’s face it: Life is just better with chickens.

The next step is easy. Simply, scroll down to find a Purina® Chick Days event near you. At the event, you’ll find everything you need to start a flock – hands-on workshops, useful chicken-raising tips and fun activities for the whole family. We can’t wait to see you there!

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Workshop topics may include:

  • Chick prep 101

    Brooder set-up, picking a breed, space needs

  • Start them strong

    Bringing chicks home, temperature requirements, bedding, chick nutrition

  • Kids and chickens

    Fun games and activities for the whole family, ways to get kids involved with the flock

  • Coopitecture™

    Coop types, space considerations, ventilation, predator prevention

  • Feeding your flock

    Layer vs. meat bird nutrition, feed adjustments as birds grow, raising an organic flock

  • Magical moments

    Introducing chicks to coops, managing the teenage stage, your first egg, molt

  • First egg happy dance

    When to expect your first eggs, how to extend laying season, tips for strong shells and added omega-3

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