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Congrats on bringing home your new fuzzy flock members!

Whether you’re raising chicks, ducklings, turkeys or geese, these popular guides and tips will help you raise them up happy and healthy. Soon you will be rewarded with your very own fresh eggs.

Let’s get started with how to care for these little peeps.

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Tips for your newest flock members.

You’re not a mother hen, so it’s natural to have questions about raising chicks, ducklings, goslings or other poultry. We’ve been raising a backyard flock at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center for decades and have written dozens of articles on this subject. We’ve highlighted a few of our most popular ones.

2- to 3-Week-Old Baby Chicks




4- to 5-Week-Old Baby Chicks




6- to 8-Week-Old Chicks: Moving to the Chicken Coop




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Find the Right Feed for Your Baby Birds

Whether you’re raising chicks, ducklings, goslings or other poultry, lifetime success starts the day your little ones arrive.

Bringing home chicks? Look for a Purina® complete chick starter feed, like Purina® Start & Grow (medicated or non-medicated) or Purina® Organic Starter feed. These feeds are formulated to provide all the nutrition your chicks need in one convenient bag. You’ll feed the complete chick starter feed on day 1 of bringing your chicks home through week 18.

Bringing home other baby birds? We’ve still got you covered.

  • For ducklings: Purina® Duck Feed
  • For broiler chicks: Purina® Meat Bird feed
  • For your mixed flock: Purina® Flock Raiser® feed
  • For peafowl chicks and gamebird chicks (including quail, pheasants and guineas): Purina® Game Bird 30% Protein Starter feed

Need help finding or choosing the right feed for your chicks? Visit your local Purina retailer and chat with their experienced team for suggestions.