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I've got a beef with horn flies. Every year they buzz on over and bug us. Sometimes more 4,000 horn flies call my hide home. No wonder horn flies cost the U.S. cattle industry and owners like mine over $1 billion annually. That's no bull. The flies only live a few weeks and they spend most of their lives biting. Can you imagine being bit 120,000 times a day? We're going off feed, losing weight, and have moved way off our grazing patterns. You'll find us huddling under trees or standing in water. Plus, our milk production goes down, and that means less milk for our babies. 

Recently our owner let us try Purina® Wind and Rain® Storm® Fly Control Mineral. We like how easy it works to get rid of the flies and keep us happy. After we eat the mineral, we spread the insect growth regulator through our manure as we graze. Female horn flies will lay eggs in fresh manure. A couple days later, each egg hatches into a larva, which then molts into a pupa. This is where the manure magic happens. The Altosid® insect growth regulator blocks each pupa from molting into an adult. Fewer adult horn flies means a lower horn fly population, and that's buzz we can live with. I trust Purina® to protect me, and you should moo, err, too.

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