Stories of Greatness: A Legacy of Cattle Ranching in OK

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Wildfires ravaged Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas in the spring of 2017, killing thousands of livestock, burning more than a million acres of crops and destroying thousands of miles of fencing.

Understanding the full scope of the destruction, one ranching family was inspired to act and help their community and fellow cattle producers.

Meet the owners of Stockmen’s Feed Bunk, John and Vikki Schumacher from Boise City, Okla. Their third-generation ranch operation includes their daughter, Stormie Mosimann and her family. Together, they delivered four semi-loads of protein and mineral tubs along with fencing supplies to producers in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Word of their generosity quickly spread among producers in the region who ultimately donated $65,000 to victims of the wildfire.

Ensuring a sustainable future is just as much about caring for people as it is about caring for the land. For farmers and ranchers, helping one another is as natural as raising their animals or nurturing their crops.