Frequently Asked Questions on Purina® Plus

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Brady Klatt,

Beef Technical Solutions

What is Purina® Plus?

 Purina® Plus is an innovative preconditioning program that combines a complete nutritional foundation, proven health protocols and progressive management to distinguish high-value calves for a sale day advantage.

When should I start thinking about my weaning plan with Purina® Plus?

It is never too early to think about a weaning strategy to help market your cattle. Ideally, you’d reach out to your local Purina dealer at least three months prior to weaning to set up a customized plan that meets all nutrition, vaccination, deworming and management requirements.

Which Purina feeds can be used with Purina® Plus?

Purina® Plus builds a strong nutritional foundation through starter feeds, including Accuration® Starter Complete, Precon® Complete and Stress Care® Supplements. Once calves complete the starting program, work with your nutritionist to transition to a diet that will bring cattle to market in ideal body condition.

How does the certification process work for Purina® Plus? 

Your local Purina dealer will help facilitate the certification process to provide documentation, and Purina® Plus branded ear tags, helping bolster your calves’ reputation on sale day. 

Where are Purina® Plus calves marketed?

Purina dealers and sales representatives will work with local livestock auction barns to market Purina® Plus cattle. Expect to see Purina® Plus cattle marketed during special feeder calf sales, allowing both buyers and sellers to leverage the program’s value.

Can Purina® Plus calves be sold with other value-added programs?

Yes, Purina® Plus was designed to build weaning success through a strong nutritional foundation. So long as all Purina® Plus nutrition, vaccination, deworming and management requirements are met, you can implement other programs to bring additional value to your calf crop.
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