Cattle Mineral Tips for Summer

Nutrition : Minerals

Kent Tjardes, Ph.D.

Field Cattle Consultant

Quick and timely considerations for your cattle mineral program.
  • If using a mineral form of cattle fly control, consistent intake is key. Consider using Wind and Rain® Storm® Fly Control Mineral with Altosid® (IGR) in either granular or tub form.
  • To help achieve consistent mineral intake, use enough cattle mineral feeders for your herd size. A good rule is to use one feeder for every 20 to 30 head.
  • Make sure all cattle, including calves and timid cows, have equal access to feeders. Placing feeders in multiple locations helps provide all cattle the opportunity to consume the mineral.
  • Use water as a tool to adjust intake. If mineral intake is lower than desired, move feeders closer to water sources. If intake is higher than desired, move feeders further from the water.
  • As grasses start drying, antagonists can block absorption of minerals. If antagonists are a concern, consider using a cattle mineral with Availa® 4.
  • If you plan to use a mineral with chlortetracycline to control anaplasmosis, a VFD will be required.
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