Weaning Calves? Start Them Right.

A strong start begins with strong starter feeds.

Weaning Calves? Start Them Right.

A strong start begins with strong starter feeds.

Wondering What to Feed a Calf at Weaning?

At Purina, we believe a strong defense is the best offense in the fight against weaned calf stress and health challenges. That’s why Purina® Precon®, Purina® Accuration® Starter and Purina® Stress Care® 5 now include RX3 Immune Support Technology to prepare a calf’s natural defense to combat respiratory challenges.

Try Purina® Precon® and Purina® Accuration® Starter complete feeds or Purina® Stress Care® 5 supplement feeds with RX3 Immune Support Technology today.

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Redefining Nutrition’s Role in Promoting Healthy Calves
Weaning calves is a demanding and hectic time. Calves are often most vulnerable at weaning, facing many stressors with immune systems that aren’t fully developed. As a result, it costs the beef industry time and money to combat respiratory challenges. The Purina® starter line with RX3 Immune Support Technology helps address stressors and respiratory challenges head-on.

RX3 Immune Support Technology is:
  • A precise combination of prebiotics, probiotics and plant extracts
  • Included in all Purina® Precon® and Purina® Accuration® Starter complete feeds and Purina® Stress Care® 5 supplement feeds (medicated Purina starter complete and supplement feeds are still available and require a VFD)
  • Not a medication; no Veterinary Feed Directive required (medicated Purina® starter feeds are still available and require a VFD)
  • A complement to respiratory vaccination programs
Research-backed Technology
RX3 Immune Support Technology primes the calf’s natural defenses to support overall calf health and aims to reduce costs1.
Research showed weaning calves fed Purina® starter feeds with RX3 Immune Support Technology:
  • Gained, on average, 6 pounds more than the control group within a 30-day period2
  • Healthy calves receiving RX3 Immune Support Technology gained more weight compared to healthy control calves3
  • Were more uniform because fewer calves were poor performers
  • Had less variation in average daily gain compared to control calves
Cattle Starter Feeds
Purina® Starter Feeds for Weaning Calves
What to feed a calf at weaning can impact its future health. Getting calves eating from day one can equip a calf’s immune system to better handle with weaning-time stress, improving its chance to stay healthy during weaning. A palatable starter feed:
  • Drives calves to start and continue eating
  • Maintains a calf’s energy and protein reserves
  • Builds rumen microbe populations
  • Maintains immune status for healthy calves
  • Supports optimal calf performance
The Purina® starter line has research-proven consumption to maximize calf performance, promote healthy calves and support return on investment potential.
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Purina® Precon® Complete Feed with RX3TM Immune Support Technology
  • Pelleted complete calf feed
  • Includes roughage, is highly palatable and nutrient dense
  • Gets calves eating quickly to restore nutrients lost through the stress of weaning and shipping
  • Designed for preconditioning cattle programs with freshly weaned calves or newly purchased calves
  • Recommended for high-stress or high-risk calves
  • Does not require additional forage
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Purina® Accuration® Starter Feed with RX3TM Immune Support Technology
  • A complete calf feed available in a coarse-textured and pelleted form
  • Includes roughage with Intake Modifying Technology® to help achieve target intake levels
  • High-energy feed that helps maximize feed efficiency
  • Self-fed
  • Doesn’t require additional forage
  • Designed for preconditioning cattle programs with calves headed directly to the feedlot
More About Accuration® Starter
Purina® Stress Care ® 5 Supplement with RX3TM Immune Support Technology
  • A pelleted calf supplement
  • Delivers essential nutrients for stressed cattle in a small inclusion package (5 pounds per head per day)
  • For cattle producers looking to take advantage of their feedstuffs
  • Designed for preconditioning cattle programs with unlimited, good-quality forage
More About Stress Care® 5 Supplement
Stress Care Tub
Purina® Stress Tub
  • A free choice supplement
  • Suggested for use in all preconditioning cattle programs
  • Designed for young cattle prior to or after stress, especially calves in pre-weaning situations, receiving and hospital pens
  • Provides the key nutrients needed for a fully functioning immune system
  • Recommend feeding one tub per 20 head and at least 2 tubs per pen or pasture to ensure adequate intake by younger, more timid animals
  • Formulated without RX3™ Immune Support Technology
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See The Results for Yourself
There are a lot of preconditioning cattle programs to choose from. Figure out what to feed a calf at weaning with a Proof Pays trial to test out Purina® Precon and Purina® Accuration® starter complete feeds or Purina® Stress Care® 5 supplement feeds with RX3 Immune Support Technology and see the results for yourself.

Our sales team, dealer network and cattle experts across the country are ready to provide expertise and customized support to help achieve healthy calves and results for your bottom line.

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