Veridiana Daley

Veridiana Daley , Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist, Dairy Feed R&D (Adult Cow)



University of São Paulo (Esalq/USP)


Veridiana is a data-driven person demonstrating great expertise in dairy nutrition and modeling. Her goal is to find solutions to improve animal nutrition and performance at the farm level.

Veridiana joined Purina Animal Nutrition in 2019 as a senior research scientist - adult cow. She has hands-on experience in dairy nutrition trials and data analytics. Her research focuses on individual amino acids and fatty acids metabolism in dairy cows. She has more than 40 scientific publications in ruminant nutrition and modeling including articles, abstracts, and a science video. She developed a ration formulation software during her doctorate program.

Veridiana grew up in Brazil and received a Doctor in Sciences from the University of São Paulo. She received a bachelor's in Animal Science and a master’s in Veterinary Sciences from the Federal University of Paraná. Before joining Purina, she worked as a post-doctoral scholar through the National Animal Nutrition Program at Virginia Tech and the University of Kentucky. During her post-doc, she worked on research projects to support data mining, modeling, ADSA nutrition models workshops, and the NASEM Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle committee.

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