Jill Soderstrom

Jill Soderstrom , Ph.D.

Dairy Technical Innovations



University of California-Davis


Jill is skilled at translating science. She gets joy out of being able to effectively communicate difficult studies and concepts to salespeople. Her job is to make sure salespeople not only understand the science but ensure that they can communicate it to their producers. 

Jill is a behind-the-scenes type of gal, but it doesn’t make her role any less important. She’s traveling across the country providing regional sales support, training new teammates and helping with producer meetings. When she’s in the office, she’s answering product-related questions or helping develop technical training and support material.

Jill earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology as well as a masters and Ph.D. in animal biology, with an emphasis in nutrition and behavior, all from the University of California-Davis. If there’s one thing she wishes she could dig into more, it would be the microbiome. She thinks we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we know and understand about it.

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