Ted Perry

Ted Perry

Lead Nutritionist, Beef Technical Solutions

Our constant focus on cattle nutrition research and development is what makes us unique.



Penn State


Perry works with the Livestock Marketing Group at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center. Prior to that, he was a beef-feed formulation nutritionist at Purina.

“Intake Modifying Technology® is a great example of an idea born from observation, innovation and research to develop a cattle feeding system that has changed how producers approach cattle feeding,” says Perry. “By modifying intake of forage, we help producers get the full value of pasture lands while ensuring the cattle’s nutritional needs are met.”

Perry’s research expertise and interests include:

  • Nutrient requirements of all classes of beef cattle
  • Body composition and its relationship to cattle performance
  • Computer modeling of cattle requirements and performance projections

Perry’s family is also very involved with animals. He enjoys watching his daughters train horses, halter break cattle and develop rabbit breeding programs through 4-H and other local programs.  “It is fun to watch the children learn about their livestock and the young animals develop,” says Perry.

Before working in the feed industry, Perry served as the beef cattle extension and research associate at Cornell University. He earned a master’s degree in animal science from Penn State University.

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