Matt Costigan

Matt Costigan

Calf and Heifer Specialist – Michigan, Indiana



Michigan State University


Matt has worked with Purina ever since he was an intern in 2009. At the time, he was interested in adult cow nutrition, but his calf-focused internship put him on the path to his current role. Today, Matt spends his time on Michigan farms walking calves, looking for health issues, tracking growth measurements and analyzing data.

In his time with Purina, Matt’s seen the industry mindset on calves shift dramatically. Calves used to be an afterthought and, in some cases, a burden. But as farms have progressed, farmer’s have found value in calf and heifer programs because they know it sets the foundation for their herd – and that’s where Matt comes in.

Matt received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in animal science from Michigan State University. His favorite part of the job? The deep relationships he’s gained with his customers. After proving himself as a resource, you might just find Matt at a close customer’s wedding, open house or other family event.

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