Chris Joslin

Chris Joslin

Department Manager, Dairy Research

I enjoy being part of such a diverse group of people that are so passionate about what they do



University of Central Missouri


This includes research deployment and coordination, budget oversight, purchasing, hiring, scheduling, safety, research feeding and animal management.

“The dairy unit on the farm includes 300 Holstein cows milked 3 times per day in a double-five “auto-flow.” Like our customers, we face similar challenges and strive to find solutions to meet those needs,” says Joslin.

Joslin’s expertise and interest includes:

  • Animal husbandry.
  • Production practices associated with dairy cattle from birth to freshening.
  • Palatability testing.
  • Metabolism research. 

“I feel fortunate to have been part of many new innovations that were developed here at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center over the years and look forward to being part of those we have yet to discover,” says Joslin.

Joslin joined Purina in 1997 and has worked in a variety of capacities including the swine research department, the specialty research department and now as the department manager for the dairy team. In the 17 years that Joslin has been with Purina he has worked with pigs, dogs and cats, rabbits, rats, mice and ferrets, zebra fish, quail, wild deer and other wildlife, and dairy cattle. During his tenure he has researched AMPLI-Calf® Starter, AMPLI-Calf® Grower, as well as evaluated maintenance diets, conducted palatability and metabolism research. Joslin received his bachelor of science degree from the University of Central Missouri.

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